My Mission

In a society where the virtual world has become more prevalent than the real one, social media has forced its way into the forefront of our lives, and whether you like it or not, social media has become the tool to convey reality, and as a candidate for Marketing and Promotion, I am fully aware of this responsibility. 


My initiative hinges on three things: TRANSPARENCY, HUMILITY AND QUALITY. Transparency, to me, is the most important component of not just being a great M&P Director, but being the one I want to be. Glitz and glamour are subordinate to transparency, because if there is no truth in what I am sharing with the student body, then there is no use in sharing it at all. To accompany this, is self-awareness of who I am- which is a HIGHLANDER, and a student whose main concern is ensuring that a voice is given to those who TRULY MATTER, the STUDENT BODY and the STAFF who are the real backbone of UCR, not just promoting those who already have power and position. 


Ideals and beliefs aside, I can not only separate myself in my philosophies, but in my intrinsic ability. I am not here with just a vision and a voice to bark orders. My resume speaks for itself as someone who is already currently a part of the ASUCR Marketing Committee, running @jbez.barbershop, a barbershop founded by a UCR alumni located right in the UV, hired by @lifeatucr, and the Recruitment Chair and Public Relations Chair for Kappa Sigma. So, while it may be good enough to vote for someone who has a “vision”, I find it equally important to vote for someone who has the skill and intangibles to carry out that vision, and I believe I am just that person.



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